Forceforge is a community built by the members of the Interpol Technical Working Group. It's members span multiple countries and jurisdictions.

Private Sector Partners have joined forces with Forceforge to enable us to share our code even easier. if you would like to know how you could help us please contact the team to discuss areas where we need help.

LEA Partners

Forceforge are proud to say we are partners with Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand and The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We also partner with our Colleagues at Project Vic

External Partners

Are you from Academia or Private sector but still want to contribute and join the community, well you can contact us to find out how you can join.

Who We Are

Forceforge was formed as a result of the lack of collaborative systems for Law Enforcement Developers to share and develop technologies. It is currently operated by members of the Technical Working Group a subgroup within the Interpol Specialists Groups on Crimes Against Children.

What We Do

  • Develop New Technologies
  • Share those technologies with other Agencies Free of Charge
  • Provide advice for implementation of Technologies

Site Updates

  • Forceforge presents at Interpol

    Forceforge outlined development plan for Interpol crimes agains children
  • "Welcome GitLab"

    GitLab join with Forceforge to combat the trade of child abuse material

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18th November 2017

Forceforge members attend HackAthon hosted by Interpol members in Denmark. The tools developed there will revolutionize the investigative reach and save children. Thanks for your hard work guys

18th November 2016

Recently deployed technology developed by Forceforge has resulted in great success internationally.

18th November 2015

Forceforge would like to thank all those who particpated at the annual Crimes against children conference in Lyon, France. Forceforge are excited to be able to bring new technology to this group.

15th December 2014

Forceforge would like to thank all those who helped make this service succesful this year. We have seen a massive increase in signups and can't wait to rollout some new kit next year.